Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Water Marbling

This actually worked for me!!!! Yay. The only tips I can give are to have room temperature water, make sure it's filtered, and nicer polishes. I decided to bite the bullet and use my China Glaze, and I was shocked that they work. I know you're not supposed to use thicker polishes but i've had First Mate for about a year and it worked fine, and my other two were pretty gloopy as well. However I suggest using newer polishes because no one else has had success with the older ones like I did. This is a mani from May.

White - China Glaze White on White
Light Blue - Revlon Color Stay Coastal Surf
Dark Blue - China Glaze First Mate

I only took one picture with my iPod at night with a 100 watt bulb to light my entire room because I was tired and I had finals. Sorry!
water marble nails

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