Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How I do my nails: Brushes edition

Hey! This is a post about the brushes I use to paint my nails.

The brush I've used the most (as I'm sure you can tell) is the white one from Bundle Monster. It came in a pack that my friend got me for my birthday, which you can see here. It has 15 brushes and 5 dotting tools. I cut it down myself, using a paper cutter blade to saw off 2/3 of the bristles. It's getting a bit old though, I may have to retire it soon.

The second brush pictured is the JN Dance 24 ($11) brush. I got this and the next one (Pure Color No. 10, which was $7.50) from a seller on instagram. Her name is stylishnailart and her products are absolutely incredible! They're so well made and weighted nicely as well. As you can see, the tips are extremely tapered, making for some incredible brushes! I'm going to order the Pure Color No. 9 soon. I paid through paypal. Shipping to the US was $8. The Pure Color No. 10 also came with a cap, pictured below.

The last brush is my cleanup brush. It's an Elf Small Angled Brush ($3) that I bought from Target. I use the brush with 100% pure acetone to clean up around my cuticles.

nail brushes

Here's a close up so you can see the tapered ends.

nail brushes

And lastly, when I ordered the brushes from stylishnailart, the seller sent me a bag with a bunch of Japanese candy and a personal thank you note in it! Isn't that sweet?

cute pencil bag

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